Saturday, July 2, 2011

June Jo's Little Women Club at The Quilted Crow

It's been six weeks since our last meeting, but the time sure did fly by.   When a quilter is busy, there's just never enough time.

Here are photos of completed quilt tops and their makers from our show and tell...

Lizzy's  Little  Quilt

Amazing how each little quilt is so different !!!!

Maureen Mullen
Janice Boutotte
Susan Therriault
Colleen Triola
Yvette DuPuis
Laura Lane
Beth Cardozo
Jeanne Lex

Nancy Milligan

Beth's  HST  Challenge

From Club 9,  Beth's "Sisters" Quilt

 Beth printed a photo of her mother on fabric, set it in this postage-stamp quilt, framed it with lace and embellished it with one of her mother's earrings.    What a sweet little quilt to remember a loved one. 

Colleen just couldn't wait - she LOVES HSTs so much, that she had to jump ahead to the next quilt, "Point of View."

Members will be working on "Point of View" to Show and Tell at our July meeting.   I call mine "APB" because I broke so many rules while making it...

Hoping you all are stitching and making memories with your own quilts.

And sew on...