Sunday, October 24, 2010

Light's Out !

It's an overcast, gray, misty day and I'd hoped to spend some of it working on The Baby Quilt , but my overhead full-spectrum light, in my sewing room, decided to flicker and fade to black !    Good thing I have two table and one floor Ott lamps !   Hopefully, those will do until DL can replace bulbs ...

Yesterday I taught my first class - Beginner Hand-Piecing.   Three students registered for the class, but one called-in sick.   As it was, two was fine and we had a great time.   Working with Donna Lynn Thomas' Portable Patchwork book, I shared  template preparation, straight and curved seams and intersection stitching.    Since there were only two students, I was able to stitch right along with them.   Here's a photo of my little 5 1/4" block...

After dinner, I prepared more fabric pieces to continue the project...

Always nice to have a take-along project.    This time of the year, I find it motivating to work with Holiday fabrics, this being North Woods Botanical by Holly Taylor for Moda. I bought several charm packs when I was in Lancaster County last year, so have plenty to finish this project.  

Our son, his wife and their two daughters (the baby, being only a week old) will visit today for Sunday dinner... Corinne's ribs, roasted potatoes, veggie, and some kind of apple dessert.    Best I get crackin' !!!
And Sew On...


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Life Afirming Weekend

DL and I, with friends, Rick and Chrys, spent the past weekend on Nantucket. 
Our Hy-Line "fast ferry" ride over was cancelled due to high winds, but we caught the Steamship Authority "car ferry" as walk-ons.   The 2 1/2 hour ride was treacherous, to say the least - so many passengers got sick.  lucky for me I didn't.    Mayflower passengers sure must've been hearty folk !    Needless to say, we will pay attention to Hy-Line, respect their decisions and won't do that again.

The guys golfed Saturday in the high winds, but loved it.   Us, gals, walked, enjoyed the sun and did our own thing.   

The first cell phone call, from the mainland, came about 10AM from our son, announcing that our 2nd granddaughter was about to make her debut.   By 5PM, she had arrived.    Ashley Karen Lex, weighed in at 6#2oz, 19" long, with dark, dark hair and eyes - absolutely perfect.   Her mom, dad and big sister could not have been happier.    I sure wish I'd been there.


Sunday was beautiful - the four of us walked, explored the island a bit and had a picnic lunch by Sankaty Light House.

Luckily, the winds had died down and our return "fast ferry" ride was uneventful.

Monday, I met Ashley for the first time.   She is beautiful.   I am so proud of my son and his wife.   They are just the best parents ever !!!    Meghan, our 3-year-old granddaughter, spent the better part of the day with me - preparing dinner and baking cookies for her mom and dad.   Delivering to the new family at home that afternoon was a delight.   Nothing like a new baby to confirm the goodness of life.

Yesterday was work, work day.    Always something to do on the computer for work.
Full retirement will be so welcome.

Today I MUST get back to the baby quilt.   Here it is on the design wall...

Progress report to follow.

But first a trip to The Quilted Crow, to pick up supplies for Hand-Piecing class on Saturday...    Never a dull moment.

And sew on...

Monday, October 11, 2010

A Challenge to New England Quilters

Each year my quilt guild, the Squanicook Colonial Quilt Guild, aka the Squanicookies, has a Challenge.   Members are given a set of rules and then produce quilts in accordance with those rules, which are revealed during the last meeting of the year.   Members vote for their favorite and a Viewer's Choice prize is awarded.

This year, I am the Challenge Committee Chairperson and have challenged SCQG to create 48 quilts for "Wrapped Up in Sports" a charity, that donates New England sports team-themed quilts to children with medical, social and mental-health needs.    The good people at "Wrapped Up in Sports"  feel, "Every child deserves to have their spirits lifted, not only on game day, but everyday."

You may log on to for more information or if you wish to make a quilt for this worthy organization, see below:

  And Sew On...
         ~ Jeanne

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Progress not unlike Goldilocks

Went back to the baby quilt drawing board this morning... 

3" Tri-Rec Pinwheels are too small !

7" Tri-Rec Pinwheels are too big !

4" Tri-Rec Pin Wheels are "Just Right"   !!!

And Sew On...