Thursday, April 14, 2011

So Cuuuuute !!!

Stopped by Springbrook Farm, on my way home from The Quilted Crow yesterday, to buy bread and found some really sweet glass pedestal salts.   In my mind I saw a pin cushion.  Went home and put it together.... 

My 45mm my rotary cutter is next to the pin cushion, so you can see how tiny it is.   Those are little 3/4" applique pins.  The little salt is 2 1/4" tall and 1 3/4" wide.   Tiny.
Soooo cute !     Wha'd'ya think ?     Should I go back and buy more ?

And sew on...


Sunday, April 10, 2011

Rambling Around Crystal Creek

The calendar says it's Spring and the thermometer has hit 60 degrees the past few days, but we still have snow...

We know it's Spring because the neighborhood bear is awake and remembered our bird feeder:

It must be Spring because the "crazies" are out and keep hitting the tree:

And there are a few rogue crocuses (crocui sp?) - this one in the woods:

But there's snow chilling the rhododendron and azaleas:

Two weeks to Easter, so have decorated a bit to make it look Springish:

Hoping you all find the warmth of Spring if not in Mother Nature, in your heart...

And sew on...


March Jo's Little Women Club aka JLWC

Jo's Little Women Club Day, at the Quilted Crow Quilt Shoppe, Boxborough, MA, is always busy and full of wonderful surprises.  
Twenty members attended meetings, enjoying delicioso Eclair Cake and friendships.    
Here are the completed quilt tops shared during Show and Tell:   

"Berry Nice"

Colleen Triola

Jane Peterson

Janice Boutotte

Joanne Veracka

Laura Lane

Lexine Sullivan

Maureen Mullen

Nancy Milligan

Susan Therriault

Tara Beshai

Yvette DuPuis

Beth Cardozo
"Amy's Choice"
Laura Lane
Pauline Wylie
Pauline Wylie
"Postage Stamp"

Pauline Wylie

Kay Landreth
The next project is "Courthouse Steps," and here's my version...

As Roy and Dale used to sing, "...until we meet again."

And Sew On...