Tuesday, August 24, 2010

World Quilts 2010, Manchester, NH

Before I tell you of my latest adventure, I want to clarify my August 3 post about Cyndi Black's Log Cabin quilt at Maine Quilts - the logs were 1/4" finished - and the blocks were finished at 3".     I mistakenly wrote that the logs were 3/4" !   Sorry, Cyndi, but my error only reinforces how much work you put into that beautiful quilt.   Congratulations... 

On to World Quilts...
Third quilt show in a month !   I'm becoming an savvy shopper, by scoping out the vendors online before the show.   That way - no, or at least less, impulse buying and   more time to view quilts on display.   Or am I just "Type A" ?    A friend described this show as "traditional."   Being a traditional quilter, it was right up my alley.    Along with five friends, we attended the show on Sunday.   Even though vendors tend to have sold many of their products by the last day, I like going to shows the last day - usually, not so crowded, vendors are, sometimes, willing to make concessions AND admission fee is less than previous days...

Even though I'm a traditional quilter and most of my quilts are made of repro fabrics, I LOVE seeing bright, colorful quilts in a show.   

Disclosure:   The following photos are NOT MY QUILTS, I do not have the quiltmakers' identifications and I am not profiting by posting these photos.  

These are only a very small sample of the crisp, colorful quilts displayed at World Quilts, a Mancuso show, and these quilts, as well as many, many others are displayed at their shows around the country.     Enjoy !

I love geese and mariner's compass. Someday I too will make a similar quilt with both:

Check out the depth in this quilt.

Looks like fire sun rays.

What a great way to use up your stash !

Orderly, crisp, colorful, a great quilt for over a stairway !   Another stash buster idea.

World Quilts was well-worth the 45-minute drive.    Don't miss it, if you have a chance to see this show when it's near you. 

And sew on...
~ Jeanne

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