Sunday, December 19, 2010

Preparing for Christmas

Teddy Bear Tea at Four Seasons, Boston was quite the affair.   Two grandmothers, a mother and two little girls.   What a fun day !

Meghan, Ashley and Eileen

Sunday my dear friends and I spent the afternoon at the Concord Museum, Concord, MA - we viewed the Family Christmas Trees and a special antique quilt exhibit.
We then found our way to the Colonial Inn for Afternoon Tea...
Although it poured rain all day, being with friends made the day very relaxing and enjoyable.

Until noon last Wednesday, I had no idea how or when I would finalize Christmas prep.
From 8AM 'til noon, I sat in the Jury Assembly Room, then a court room with 50 others awaiting consideration.   I was #148.    By noon, 14 jurers were chosen and the rest of us were dismissed.    Off I went to finish my shopping...

Last night was the annual Bernard Christmas party, that we look forward to every year to renew friendships with long-time friends, but very sad because David is no longer with us.    He succumbed December 11, 2010 to injuries sustained on September 11, 2010 outside the World Trade Center.    Nancy carries on, but the toast to David's memory is always the highlight of our evening together.    We love you, Dave.

I'm very excited that my sister, Laurie Kay, is flying in from Texas on Christmas Eve.
We haven't been together for Christmas since December, 1999 and I haven't seen her since June, 2007.   This will be a Christmas to remember...

Have you ever listened to Pandora ?   What an awesome way to get into the spirit !

House is decorated, most gifts wrapped and under the trimmed tree, menu prepared, grocery shopping list is started - now, as Nike says, I have to "Just do it !"

But before I close, to show you I have been working on some little holiday projects, a photo of my worktable...

If I don't post again until after Christmas, it's because I'm busy, busy, busy -
I wish you all a Merry Merry Christmas and a Happy Happy New Year. 
Make memories with those you love, because when all is said and done, that's all we leave behind.
And sew on...

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  1. Merry Christmas to you and your family, Jeanne. Do not worry about the # of followers. Many people visit our blog via google reader and never comment. Just keep enjoying yourself and inspiring others.