Sunday, September 26, 2010

September Jo's Little Women Club

Thursday was our final meeting of Club #9.    Here are Show and Tell photos:

Beth finished her name badge

Beth's Bittersweet Stars beginning blocks

Carol's Autumn Crossing

Carol's Daffodil Hill - so pleasing to the eye

Carol's Sisters - a very sweet little quilt

What a cute Halloween project ! Nice job Donna and Beth

Kathy's Bittersweet Stars

Maggie's Autumn Crossing

Maggie's Bittersweet Stars

Maggie's Daffodil Hill

Maggie's Sisters

Maggie's Keystone Medallion

Life got in the way this month for Pauline, but she has a good start on her name badge.
It's ready for hand-quilting.

Susan's hand-embroidery for the center of her Sisters quilt is impeccable. 
Great job, Susan.

Beth and her newly published Christmas stocking and pin cushion pattern,
available, exclusively, at The Quilted Crow, Boxborough, MA.

Jeanne's Keystone Medallion

Look !   It's a Jo To Go Cup Cozy !
This month's special project.

I just have to say, it's been so much fun moderating Jo's Little Women Club at The Quilted Crow this year.    I've met some really great quilters and have made so many new friends.   Thank you, Jo members, and thanks to Sue and Donna.   

If you have any interest in becoming a member of Jo's Little Women Club at The Quilted Crow, Boxborough, MA, we do plan to resume meetings with Club #10 in January, 2011.   Contact The Quilted Crow @ 978-266-9102, keep an eye on this blog, on The Quilted Crow's website for further information.   Friending The Quilted Crow and/or me on Facebook (use Jeanne Moritz Lex to search for me) is another way for up-to-date information...   Be sure to let us know you are interested in Jo's Little Women Club when you send a friend request...   Technology, isn't it great ? ! ?

Until my next post...        
                                                                  And sew on...
                                                                    ~ Jeanne

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