Saturday, September 4, 2010

Wisconsin 2010

For the past several years, around the end of August, my dear husband and I have traveled to our hometown, Rhinelander, Wisconsin, to spend time with our mothers.    Going "home" conjurs up memories of growing up, family and fun times.
Each time we go, we try to fly to a different city and drive a different route.  This year we flew from Boston to Milwaukee.

Our first stop was breakfast at a little cafe, then the Milwaukee Art Musuem, where we viewed "American Quilts," a special exhibit from Winterthur.   
The museum building itself is amazing.    If you haven't been, you must ...   here are a couple photos:

Yes, this is the Milwaukee Art Museum building, situated right on the shores of Lake Michigan.  Looks like a sail boat, doesn't it ?
Lake Michigan from the Milwaukee Art Museum.

After spending several hours at the Museum, it was time to head North.  
With the farm economy in Wisconsin somewhat depressed, we weren't surprised to see wind farms along the way.

I love the farm scenery along the highways...


Some of the barns have seen better times, but they have a certain charm about them, don't you think ?

Our route took us near my husband's grandparents' farms, so, of course we had to make a point to check them out.    This is a photo of the Uttecht barn, built in the early 1900s - we were pleased to see that it has been cared for...

I was very lucky to have grown up within the city limits and in a wonderful family neighborhood, with many friends.  

And... right on the Wisconsin River !    In the summer we'd swim, boat, water ski, fish and all those fun activities kids do with water...    In the winter, there was skating, sliding, snowmobiling, snow forts, snowball fights - winters were long, but fun !   

Here's a photo of what I woke up to every Spring, Summer and Fall...

And here's what we saw in the evening...

Yes, we were and are blessed and you CAN go home again, but it sure is nice to return to reality and HOME.

And sew on ~

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  1. I love the farm scenery in Wisconsin. Wonder if wind farms will get names?

    When we traveled to my grandparents there would be different kinds of cows in the pastures. Every farmer had his own favorite. AND my mother knew the names; Holsteins, Brown Swiss, Jersey, Ayrshire, Guernsey. How did she know this? She was rasied in the city.