Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Works in Progress

Here are a few photos of my worktable:

Wild Rose from Marti Mitchell and Maywood

Tri Recs - first time I've tried this technique to make pinwheels

First pinwheel set completed

Can you guess what I'm working on ?       hmmmmm - sure doesn't look like a Fall inspired project, does it ?   

Could it be ?     hmmmmm - a, a, a baby quilt ?    

A B S O L U T E L Y  !   And another baby girl at that.    Our son and his wife are presenting us with another granddaughter,  due in November...    Their 3-year-old daughter, Sweetie Pie Pie (that's what I call her and she, actually, answers to) aka "Big Sister," will be a hands-on participant. 

More photos w/b posted as the quilt progresses, so stay tuned...

Being a typical quilter (whatever that is), I have several projects in progress at all times.   My week with friend and Featherweight on Cape Cod (see a previous post), produced Organized Chaos, the quilt top shown below, ready for quilting:

I always have a hand-stitching project to work on while watching a movie or one of my favorite TV programs.    In April, I was fortunate to find a jelly roll of Civil War Homefront by Barbara Brackman for Moda at 1/2 price.   And at the same time, I became hooked on Hexies !   Here is a photo of my hexie project in "my" chair:

Before I start sewing today, the outdoors beckons.    Wouldn't you want to go for a walk too, if it'd been raining for the past two days and the view from your front door looked like this?

And sew on...

Sunday, September 26, 2010

September Jo's Little Women Club

Thursday was our final meeting of Club #9.    Here are Show and Tell photos:

Beth finished her name badge

Beth's Bittersweet Stars beginning blocks

Carol's Autumn Crossing

Carol's Daffodil Hill - so pleasing to the eye

Carol's Sisters - a very sweet little quilt

What a cute Halloween project ! Nice job Donna and Beth

Kathy's Bittersweet Stars

Maggie's Autumn Crossing

Maggie's Bittersweet Stars

Maggie's Daffodil Hill

Maggie's Sisters

Maggie's Keystone Medallion

Life got in the way this month for Pauline, but she has a good start on her name badge.
It's ready for hand-quilting.

Susan's hand-embroidery for the center of her Sisters quilt is impeccable. 
Great job, Susan.

Beth and her newly published Christmas stocking and pin cushion pattern,
available, exclusively, at The Quilted Crow, Boxborough, MA.

Jeanne's Keystone Medallion

Look !   It's a Jo To Go Cup Cozy !
This month's special project.

I just have to say, it's been so much fun moderating Jo's Little Women Club at The Quilted Crow this year.    I've met some really great quilters and have made so many new friends.   Thank you, Jo members, and thanks to Sue and Donna.   

If you have any interest in becoming a member of Jo's Little Women Club at The Quilted Crow, Boxborough, MA, we do plan to resume meetings with Club #10 in January, 2011.   Contact The Quilted Crow @ 978-266-9102, keep an eye on this blog, on The Quilted Crow's website for further information.   Friending The Quilted Crow and/or me on Facebook (use Jeanne Moritz Lex to search for me) is another way for up-to-date information...   Be sure to let us know you are interested in Jo's Little Women Club when you send a friend request...   Technology, isn't it great ? ! ?

Until my next post...        
                                                                  And sew on...
                                                                    ~ Jeanne

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Wellfleet 2010

A week away from home with a friend with like interests is amazingly refreshing.   I just returned from a week on Cape Cod with Janice.     We took our Featherweights, our supplies, our fabric, our tools and spent our days sewing, walking, talking, shopping, sightseeing, laughing, and eating whatever and whenever we wanted.   No internet, no email, no computer.   Yes, cell phones and cable TV, but no computer !    And... I completed a quilt top and got a good start on another !     Thought you might enjoy some photos of our week...

Coast Guard Station, Race Point, Provincetown, MA

Sand, Snow Fences, Race Point, Provincetown, MA

Old Harbor Life Saving Station, Race Point, Provincetown, MA

Wellfleet Harbor from Mayo Beach, Wellfleet, MA

Uncle Tim's Bridge over Duck Creek, Wellfleet, MA

Wellfleet Harbor from Duck Creek, Wellfleet, MA

You cannot help but smile at this Bronze.  Kendall Gallery, Wellfleet, MA

We had a great week, but Dorothy said it all... "There's no place like home."

And sew on...

Saturday, September 4, 2010

August JWLC at The Quilted Crow

As he did last year, Mark Ellis (Donna's husband), treated us with his melt-in-your-mouth White Chocolate Creme Broulee.     This is, absolutely, the best dessert I have ever had !   Thanks, Mark.   You're the best.

Here are photos taken at our August JLWC meeting:

Pauline Wylie and her October Road, from Jo Morton's new book, Coming Home.

Beth Cardozo finished hand-piecing her Bow Tie mug quilt top.

Susan Thierriault showed us her hand-pieced Whirl Wind mug quilt top.

Susan's been busy.   Here she is with her Daffodil Hill.

Susan's also been working on Cocoa Basket blocks.

Joanne Veranka's first, and most important Show & Tell, was photos of her 8th granddaughter, Scarlett Magee born August 12.


Along with taking care of grandchildren, Joanne quilts.   Here she is with her Autumn Crossing quilt top.

Kathy Dugan searches for the perfect Jo fab for her next project.

Jeanne shows us her, Sisters Quilt, with a centered photo of her maternal grandmother, which she is hand-quilting.

Warm weather activities tend to push quilting projects to the back burner during the summer months.    I must say, however, the Quilted Crow Jo's Little Women Club is very prolific.    Congratulations, ladies, and thank you for sharing.   I'm looking forward to our September 23 meeting and seeing all you have accomplished.

And sew on...
~ Jeanne


Wisconsin 2010

For the past several years, around the end of August, my dear husband and I have traveled to our hometown, Rhinelander, Wisconsin, to spend time with our mothers.    Going "home" conjurs up memories of growing up, family and fun times.
Each time we go, we try to fly to a different city and drive a different route.  This year we flew from Boston to Milwaukee.

Our first stop was breakfast at a little cafe, then the Milwaukee Art Musuem, where we viewed "American Quilts," a special exhibit from Winterthur.   
The museum building itself is amazing.    If you haven't been, you must ...   here are a couple photos:

Yes, this is the Milwaukee Art Museum building, situated right on the shores of Lake Michigan.  Looks like a sail boat, doesn't it ?
Lake Michigan from the Milwaukee Art Museum.

After spending several hours at the Museum, it was time to head North.  
With the farm economy in Wisconsin somewhat depressed, we weren't surprised to see wind farms along the way.

I love the farm scenery along the highways...


Some of the barns have seen better times, but they have a certain charm about them, don't you think ?

Our route took us near my husband's grandparents' farms, so, of course we had to make a point to check them out.    This is a photo of the Uttecht barn, built in the early 1900s - we were pleased to see that it has been cared for...

I was very lucky to have grown up within the city limits and in a wonderful family neighborhood, with many friends.  

And... right on the Wisconsin River !    In the summer we'd swim, boat, water ski, fish and all those fun activities kids do with water...    In the winter, there was skating, sliding, snowmobiling, snow forts, snowball fights - winters were long, but fun !   

Here's a photo of what I woke up to every Spring, Summer and Fall...

And here's what we saw in the evening...

Yes, we were and are blessed and you CAN go home again, but it sure is nice to return to reality and HOME.

And sew on ~