Saturday, June 10, 2017

A Finish !!!

The original pattern gave instructions for a small, medium and large tote. 
 Bought that pattern years ago for $4.95.  
Not even a designer's name or copyright on it !!!
I'd made the large tote (15" tall), that required four 8" squares in each of the four rows for the on-point set, and found it handy to carry items to and fro.
For some time, I've wanted a bag to carry my mat, water bottle, quilt and other necessities to yoga class.   Just hadn't found the right pattern.
As I looked at that large tote, hanging on my door handle, I thought, "maybe if I set
five 8" squares in each of the four rows, the bag would be the same width,
but taller to accommodate my yoga mat."

Voila !

Sometimes, you just have to veer off that road to achieve your goal.

Now to decide what to prepare for dinner !!!
How 'bout Garlic Shrimp w/Pasta !
Sounds good (and easy) to me.
Have a lovely weekend. 
~ Jeanne



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