Thursday, June 8, 2017

Sunshine, Birds singing, and a Slight Breeze !

Undeniably, the most beautiful New England morning in the past month and a half !   
This may even be a "lunch on the porch with a book" kinda day.
Menu to follow...

Until then a little stitching...

Or maybe I should tidy up my sewing room ?   Naaah !

Beginning a new stitching project is a journey.  
Unless you follow instructions to the letter and use the same fabrics or colors shown in a pattern, you won't know which direction the journey will take or how it will end.  
I suggest veering away from that mapped road once in awhile and enjoy a more exciting excursion.  
That's the only way the end result will be your own.


And Sew On...



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  1. I love your table for your featherweight, where did you get it?