Friday, May 7, 2010

Lesson Learned

Here's Carol showing Jo Club members her Holiday Inn work in progress. Nice job, Carol !

Remember the "let your fingers do the walking" commercial ? Sure wish I had today - would've had more time to sew. Needed two items at the store. Didn't call ahead. Drove 9 miles to find out both items not in stock. Nine miles back home. Ordered online.

A couple days ago I scooped up Better Homes and Garden's Spring/Summer 2010 Quilt Sampler magazine at The Quilted Crow. No New England shops this time, but Plain and Simple Quilt Shop in Apex, NC is nicely represented. My friend, Corinne, teaches and helps at this shop. Note to self: "Plan trip to visit Corinne and Plain and Simple in the Fall."

Sounds like it's supposed to rain tomorrow (Saturday) and I plan to sew all day. Must finish Shadow Stars, designed by Deb Tucker. Once borders are on, I will post a photo. Have been clipping wings like crazy for this one. So, stay tuned...

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