Thursday, March 17, 2011

"...Brand New Day"

While stitching, I like to listen to music, my favorite songs come from the singer/songwriter genre.    Yesterday, "It's a Brand New Day," by Joshua Radin, stuck in my mind.    If you have time, take a listen, and you'll understand why.

No Irish in me... not even a little, just a little Welsh. 
Our daughter-in-law has an O' in her maiden name.  She's a wonderful young woman, mommy and wife to our sweet son.
My friend's daughter, who's name starts with McK, is an Irish Step-Dancer and a very accomplished one at that !   
My favorite spectator sport is basketball and I adore watching the Celtics, whether they win or lose, at the "Gahden."
So, can I say I'm Irish vicariously through others ?  
I wish all my friends (whether Irish or not) in blogland and everywhere a joyous day... 

Daylight Saving Time was this past Sunday, today is St. Patrick's Day, so that means Spring's on it's way.   It should be tomorrow, because it's supposed to be in the 60s here.   In fact, this coming Sunday is the first day of Spring !    You wouldn't know it though, we still have lots of snow in our yard.   Finally, after yesterday's rain,  the ice is gone from the driveway and I can, again, host my stichin' group at my house...    

In honor of Spring's arrival, I've been working on 1/2" 30s hexi flowers - to adorn the cute little tree I found at a craft shop...

Let this "...Brand New Day" begin.

And sew on,

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  1. What a nice way to celebrate Easter with miniature hexies!! Cute tree :)