Sunday, March 27, 2011

Weekend's Over - Almost Anyway

Tomorrow I leave home at 5:15AM and catch a bus to NY City to see Infinite Variety: Three Centuries of Red and White Quilts, the 650 red and white quilt exhibition at the Park Avenue Armory.    Unfortunately, neither of my cameras will take more than a few photos a time.   New one on order...      I'll just have to take memory photos...  and buy the book.    For more info about the exhibit, check out Martha Stewart's blog, by clicking here...

Here's a photo of the pin cushion I finished this afternoon.   Found the pattern for this one in blogland...   Cute, isn't it ? 

Time to get dinner on...  swordfish - yummy.    Hope you all had a great weekend.

And sew on...



  1. Cute pin cushion. Do you remember where you found the pattern? I need to make a new one, and this looks like it might be for me. I saw one similar to it somewhere on YouTube, but the instructions were incomplete.

    Enjoy that Red-and-White exhibit! Wish I lived a bit closer.

  2. Have a fabulous time at the exhibit!! Thanks for the link.